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Saturday, 4 April 2020

How to Get Google to Instantly Index Your New Website

so  all we want  is  organic search traffic on our website or blog ? 

before you read further 

yes i do agree  well it is possible too  
it is possible in two different was such as 

upload some knowledgeable  as well some good articles and wait  for some time span

for the natural traffic  to visit your page or your website.

as per some of the research i came to know that 40% of your traffic is claimed in organic search .

there are two methods to overcome your  problems

1]    for organic  traffic approach is to upload some content and sit back and 
      wait for the things to happen

                                                                    - sit back and wait 
                                                                         [trust me i've  been through it] 

2]   or make it happen now by giving your effort and energy increasing your research 
       by various google tools  i don'y know much about you but i have worked on my           site 
       and build the audience firstly .

yes now according to my strategy i've  grown a bundle of monthly visitors as fast as i did.

so wanna get traffic as i did follow the algorithm

there are many type of search console but google search console is the best of all  

so the algorithm starts from

  1. check whether your site is indexed already ?
  2. if not then get you site url tested at google console for free
  3. then setup  Google analytics  
  4. start Blogging
  5. start a new blog named -  business strategy
  6. write an article by your own in 200-500 word limit
  7. use labels for your blog
  8. generate your free sitemap  free at
  9. ping your site url through various pingers  to get indexed easily
  10. search for the  trending keywords regarding your post 
  11. simultaneously check your site errors / breadcrumbs regularly
  12. golden rule :-   update your old content regularly  
                               don't ever copy content from another sites  
           if you did so you won't get approval from google adsense.

do i need a  custom domain ?

"according to me if you are a beginner then don't  need to buy or purchase  any custom domain or hosting for your blog "
 once you get organic traffic and approved on google adsense then you can buy hosting &  domain.

what should be done to increase crawl rates ?

" don't  go on posting your content every day  have some or atleast 15 -      16 days gap between your articles this will be very helpful because Google will be eagerly waiting for your content if you post very  lately then there are more chances to get more organic traffic"

keep exploring and learn new things 
comment your question i will guide you by posting the algorithms 


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Nice information good enough to gain appropriate knowledge

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BEST DEALS said...

yes sure bro contact me on

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