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Friday, 24 April 2020

5 Best Free Keyword Research Tools to get in help for your website

5 Great free keyword tools to get in help for your website 

so keyword research is the must thing to be done before the creation of your's time-consuming but if done properly can putyou on the top of the search there are many tools some tools are paid and some tools are Free to help the beginners.the basic rules to keep in mind while doing keyword research for your niche or your brand or else your industry.

  • do search for the best keyword with a great volume of searches and less competition for your niche, brand or industry.
  •  check for the keyword difficulty before using that keyword.
  • after searching that keyword don't just simply copy and paste that keyword go for the long tail keyword it will help you to get easily rank your targeted keyword.
  • long-tail keywords not only help you to get traffic but it also ranks you high in the search.
  • if this free keyword tool brings you better results then why! should you use the free keyword research tool?

so let's get started with the best and free keyword research tool for help in your content

1 ].  Keyword rank checker   

this keyword research tool enables you to check the rank of your targeted keyword and assist you to compare the keywords of your competitor site and your site.

this tool is best and highly recommended for the small business website and mini bloggers or affiliate marketers.

this tool gives you the paraphrase and bunch of keywords for your selected niche of a category or by selecting your business category.

the big website as well as 76% of the bloggers recommend this tool for best and free results.   

2 ]. Google AdWords: keyword planner 

this keyword planner is on the top and best priority keyword planner tool for industries and websites

and one of the best thing is that its completely free or say kept open since launched .

this keyword planner not only help you to find low kd keywords but also help you to grow more audience.

this keyword is  officially held by google itself so all the keyword ideas you get is directly from google.

for google keyword planner you just need you sign up with your gmail account 
and full featured access and facility is available for the user 

  • first step is to search for your targeting keyword            

it will show you the list of keywords having best searches including many free components such as

  • competition
  • Average monthly searches 
  • Top of page bid (low range) 
  • Top of page bid (high range) 

having research problem in your keyword ? then these tool will help you to generate premutations

for your searched

\\lets Assume that

you had found your keywords for your niche but now what next ?

this tool will help to place your targeted keywords with better clarity in a sentence with phrases and verbs .

best and recommended keyword for better placing of keywords
in your content and make it  more meaningful.

you just need to enter your keyword s and your work is done on its own by this keyword planner tool. its an easy-to-use interface for the user.

4 ]. Keyword In 

searching for the best keyword combiner then you are at the right place

this keyword tool combines the entered keywords and make a list of phrases.

step 1  : enter targeted keywords

step 2 :  choose your phrases from the list.

it only takes few clicks to generate your phrase. and makes your work simplified its pro function is that it gives you exact and accurate results when clicked on generate button.

i love that keyword tools that are easy to use as well i will also recommend this tool for launching new site as it gives results without any interruption.

this keyword tool operates without any sign in or register and it's easy to use. 

5]. Wordtracker Scout.

one of the best overview from my side it that your competitors site
ranks more because of best as well more dig we can counter them by this tool because if we dig their website keyword data then their 

are more chances that some keywords are well it might be somewhat time consuming. 

but using this chrome extension will be more advisable that  their are near to 0% chance to loose any plugin needed to our website. 

so once you installed the extension you need to 

 visit the web page and simply click on "w" 
it will show you the following result.

this tool will take you to the better position if used in proper manner as well it will also help you to beat your competitors when you move to top 10 sites in the search index.

this keyword tool consist of various features such as

  • the consistency to Analyze what your competitors are doing (keeping an eye on your competitors ).

  •  easy-to-use interface.
  • Access to better and high level performance metrics. 

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